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Earth Scan delivers solutions which  provide vital information to identify risks and opportunities for our clients.

We are focused on providing solutions to make our clients successful.

By forming alliances with brilliant people and leading technologies from around the globe, we are equipped to deliver focused and effective imaging anywhere our clients need us. 

Using multiple technologies and data sets to identify risks or opportunities, our client's chances of success increase.  We are in the business of making you successful on your project. 



Earth Scan has the extensive toolbelt and collection of partnerships to provide the complete compilation of data acquisition, processing, and interpretation for any project that requires inspection the surface, sub-surface, or structure. 


We offer the worlds leading technologies in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Magnetometer, Electromagnetic, LiDAR, Visual Inspection, and Seismic.


Earth Scan is based out of Calgary, Canada but our operations have taken us all over North America and the world. We are experts in mobilizing anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently

We have worked on 6 continents and completed over 1000 projects worldwide. As we continue to expand our worldwide operations we greatly value conversations about assisting in growing and developing markets. We look forward to speaking with you about your project.

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